Life is full of demands, appointments, deadlines and obligations and constant digital chatter occupy every moment and build a mountain of unhealthy stress and tension.Spend some quiet time relaxing and coloring in bold doodles. Be refreshed and renewed as you reflect on your new thinking process. Take a break from your busy schedule and the stress that accompanies it. The worries of life can wait…There is plenty of research that shows coloring to be an effective stress reducer. Travel size book so you can take it with you wherever you go. Every time you open it  you enter  a stress free zone. 
Here’s a few reason’s why you should try Life Re-Doodled:


A. Understand the unhealthy impact from negative patterns chosen during emotional charged times.
B. See the panoramic view that can enhance concepts by seeing the big picture of new strategy.
C. Visualizing new  organization change, and large-scale meetings
D.Match fundamental graphic concepts  to the desired outcomes
E. Graphic frameworks for  the  new concepts that can be tough to understand for visual thinkers
F. Learn to translate metaphors into images for longer recall  

By Mia McNary

Creative Kits for Life ReDoodled: