“Visual Cliff Notes” will help trainees get up to speed faster if they have a simple one pager of the procedures by seeing the big picture faster. FYI  majority of the population (70% of population)  think  of themselves as  visual learners. Research shows  when  visuals  are used when trying to  learn complex information ( visual summary will increase recall 29% higher) . 

Collective intelligence

New social structure that enables the knowledge within a networked communities to expand.  VISUALS are key to success—Hire an MIA Studio to help with innovate design and make powerful connections that will be timeless. Seeing the world through the eyes of another is the best way to create a powerful emotional connections and higher empathy. Social media loyalist have become hunters and gathers trying to stitch together a coherent picture from a powerful visual storytelling content…This process requires co-ordination across the different media sectors and seeing the big picture is important and reliant to the influencer…. 

Graphic Facilitation

Visual story telling emerging media —Visual that can reframe conversation in a way can inspire everyone to take action. Visuals create a powerful emotional connection and solves real business problems in a very smart way. The sheer power of visual content is a potent force in shaping higher engagement factor on social media! The human mind is structure to take in visuals effectively so visuals are indispensable tool in the storytelling trend. The visual story telling process is the blurring of lines between ourselves and other people. ​

Creative Agility 

Confidence to know how to shape original content across multiple social media plat-forms is equally important.  Balancing the creation of stories which make sense to first time viewers and building in elements which enhance the experience of people who keep coming back for more insightful visual storytelling…Powerful visual story telling will get shared over and over!

Visual Stories : Simple and relatable

Building a successful business brand today requires a mix of business 
smarts and being clever.  Now comsumers want a real Brand story with clear value: Trust this product…I will make you feel good!

OLD STRATEGY: The brand story…..Specific than problem solving 

NOW: Speak to specific need of end user
Short and sweet
Equip your employees with visual thinking tools and increase engagement …Capture the authentic experience and will more connections…

 MIA studio can help you reframe your brand story by utilizing an innovative program called “Visual Cliff Notes . Business status meetings  can be transformed and redefined  business  content into Visual Brand stories .  Authentic brand visual stories  can be posted  immediately...  Jump over the mental roadblocks of what to post and  have options of  visual bite size images share funny  authentic company stories with your brand loyalist.