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Graphic Facilitator/Speaker/Advocate for Autism/Creative coach

Chicago-based artist Mia McNary, whose drawings and visualization icons provide guidance for meaningful doodling and serve as a catalyst for creative thinking beyond the pages. 
Mia’s ability to translate spoken words into memorable images has earned the recognition of academics and businesspeople alike. As an illustrator for the 2016 TED Talks, she provided a “graphic recording,” or real-time illustration of the speakers’ lectures, culminating in a portfolio of drawings depicting the lessons learned from each talk. 
Educated at Carnegie Mellon University and at Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy, Mia enjoys using her artistic skills to help thinkers capture their ideas in pictures.  She teaches visual note-taking, a skill that can be applied by learners in a classroom or professionals in a boardroom. 
Having previously worked in the advertising industry at Leo Burnett, Foote, Cone & Belding, J. Walter Thompson she knows the importance of having creative confidence to discover real innovation in companies.  She specializes in helping people convey complex concepts through easy-to-understand drawings by learning to have creative confidence to “own” their style.
Mia is also passionate about helping others use visual process as a means of  communication —self taught by helping her son who has autism and is non-verbal …